Cat in a tree?

Contact Patrick Brandt
919.928.4230 (cell) 

If your cat is stuck in a tree and can't make its own way down, I'm happy to bring him or her safely back to your family.  I suggest giving your feline friend 24 hours to come down on his or her own before calling me.  Many cats will figure out how to get themselves down in that amount of time.  Take a look at the "What you can do on your own" tab for suggestions of what to try before calling.

However, if the weather is particularly harsh, if you are worried about your cat's safety, or if your cat has been up there for more than 2 days, please call or email me.  Leave me a voice message if needed, and I will get back to you promptly.  It is also helpful, if you can, to email me a picture of the cat in the tree.

Where will you do rescues?
I perform rescues in Durham, Orange, and Alamance counties and I am willing to travel to neighboring North Carolina counties as well.  You can call me for recommendations of other cat rescuers if you think you are out of this area.  I am on call with Durham, Orange and Alamance County Animal Control Divisions.

Is this going to damage my tree?
I use safe, OSHA-approved, professional tree climbing practices that won't harm your tree.   I'll never use climbing spikes because they can introduce insect and fungal diseases into an otherwise healthy tree. 

How much do you charge?
Phone consultations are always free so give me a call if your cat is stuck in a tree and you're not sure what to do.  If you decide a rescue is needed, I charge $75 for rescues within a reasonable distance of Hillsborough, NC.

I have a ________ stuck in a tree.  Can you help me?
Feel free to contact me to rescue cats, birds, and other pets, expensive toys such as model airplanes, rockets, and helicopters, etc.

Who are you?
I'm a dad with 3 kids, a wonderful wife, and a cat named Snowy.  Most of my family also likes swinging and climbing in the trees with me.  My day job is in higher education administration.  I love being outside in nature and I have a special place in my heart for animals - especially helpless, stranded ones.
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